Writing Poetry

I’ve always written poetry. I published a book of it once, and I post a lot of it here. It’s not because I’m too lazy to write prose.

It’s because sometimes poetry is easier to write than prose. Prose is direct, clear, and when you are dealing with matters of the heart, it can be scary and intimidating. There are times that the things that consume my heart are too deep and too personal to blast over the internet. Yet, I am bowed and bloodied under the weight of the words I could never say.

But poetry is different. It can express ideas that are too deep and too personal for prose. But, if I channel the universal ideas behind it, into poetry, I can write something everyone can relate to.

Many times, with poetry, you don’t even know fully what you’re writing about until you’re deep into it. You think you’re writing about one thing, but as it turns out…your subconscious has emerged, and you are writing about something different. Something is shaking and moving inside your soul, longing to break free. If you follow it, you’ll have a piece that comes from the soul…and a piece that’s universal.

Because we all feel the same things. But no one wants to be that vulnerable. So this is why I write. To be the one that puts my heart out on the page. So, maybe, through the medium of interconnected servers and signals bounced onto screens, you might find someone that understands the things none of us could never say out loud. I hope that’s what you find in me. A friend. Because that’s what I consider you. And I so enjoy our time together here.


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