Poem: You

You flatter me with words And with high conversation I laugh and play along And yet I feel nothing They all say I should want you And it's a great match They say I'm too picky And to give love a chance But my heart doesn't flutter And my face doesn't flush I don't bat... Continue Reading →

Novel Scene: The Ethics of Christian Music

**So, I finished my first novel, The Divine Romance of Ethan Grey, in February 2014. I began to shop it around for agents, and was told it was a good concept, but the manuscript needed work. I began massive editing and got to where I couldn't see the forest for the trees anymore. So, I put it away... Continue Reading →

Poem: Phoning it In

Phoning it In Tonight I am phoning it in A mind on hold A day unlived I'm not giving you everything I’m not giving you anything I don’t hear my own voice Recite the pleasantries that I don’t mean Nor do I notice My own warm smiles, Flashed so canned, cheap, and rehearsed And I don’t... Continue Reading →

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