Poem: Snowflakes Fell in June

Snowflakes fell in June Snowflakes fell in June And hiking paths opened along the Mariana Trench So governments argued over how to split the tax. The Grand Canyon was a prairie And talking heads talked of condos To fill such a bland green space Then  potato roots sprang from the clear blue sky And air... Continue Reading →

Poem: Theft

Theft With little pudgy fingers You stole my heart And locked it away Behind milky eyes of innocence It was a theft without provocation A crime without a cause And now I am nothing But melted chocolate In your pudgy little fingers

Thursday Morning 

On the heels of Wednesday night, Thursday morning comes rolling in, wafting shades of sunny spring under lingering winter chill, and he asks me what I want today. "I want the world," is my reply with eyes wide and bright and dreamy. To that he laughs, with bellows coming from deep inside and shakes the... Continue Reading →


It's a fallen world and we are all broken pieces of Adam's fall, floating, moving, and trying to make some sense it all. And in the middle of it, we are crying for God to come and save us. Because we are drowning in a cacophony of our own noise and lies and the things... Continue Reading →

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