Poem: Snowflakes Fell in June

Snowflakes fell in June

Snowflakes fell in June
And hiking paths opened along the Mariana Trench
So governments argued over how to split the tax.

The Grand Canyon was a prairie
And talking heads talked of condos
To fill such a bland green space

Then  potato roots sprang from the clear blue sky
And air traffic control called in Mayday.
While tourists snapped square framed photos
from the Boeing Windows

Then Mt. St. Helens erupted ice
So Coke shot bikini models
Drinking from the fountain
And then they thought themselves quite clever
To have invented Lava Ice.

Mattel caught wind and Lava Barbie
Was planned for release
Early next spring.
Until Disney sued them all for rights
On what account, no one knew

Yes, snowflakes fell in June
And the world turned upside down
And that was how it happened

The night she left it all.


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