New Job, New Life

This week I am starting a new job. I am ghost writing novels for a publishing company.  I am pretty excited, but this is a different pace than I have been traveling lately. For the last year and some odd change, I have been working at an office supply store, while freelancing on the side.... Continue Reading →



I can't get you out of my head. Those last few days, the things I said and the things I meant. Angry words that passed through my lips--when I meant every word and tone and note. After all, I had rehearsed them so many times in the dark. And I'd delivered them more times than... Continue Reading →


they felt powerless to STOP the rabid cat ripping e     v     e     r     y     t     h     i     n     g that they had worked for.... to ----------------------P -----------------I ------------------------------E ---------------C ----------------------------E ----------------S.   ...So they just watched

Writing Poetry

I've always written poetry. I published a book of it once, and I post a lot of it here. It's not because I'm too lazy to write prose. It's because sometimes poetry is easier to write than prose. Prose is direct, clear, and when you are dealing with matters of the heart, it can be... Continue Reading →

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