I hold a heart full of promises. They are lodged so deep I don't know where they end and I begin. From time to time, I take them out, and admire them, beautiful, shiny, grandiose. And I don't doubt your wisdom, I know it all must be in your time. But today I sit here,... Continue Reading →

We Are Surrounded By Gods–Yet We Remain Mortals

Today I was listening to some song. It was a love ballad from the 1990's that achieved significant success. I like the song. It was a simple, guitar driven piece that rose and fell in in its proper time, and still remains a good solid song. I started thinking about this song, and how it... Continue Reading →

Why Not Me?

Today I was out shopping, and I ran across this video ad. Blaring across every TV screen in the electronics department, was an ad from best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. He was promoting his new book, I forget the name of it. While a visual of his new book cover danced across the screen, his voice... Continue Reading →

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