The Masochistic Literary Game

Today I got another rejection letter from a potential agent. I can hook them, but I can’t sink ‘em. I sent out ten queries as a first round pitch, and received three request for partials, and two requests for wholes. Then, one by one the rejections trickled in. I got the last one in yesterday.... Continue Reading →

Is There Magic to Christmas?

They’ve started with the Christmas music in the mall where I work. It’s still about a week until Thanksgiving. I used to love Christmas. In some ways I still do. The crisp wintry air, the cozy warmth of a low-lit tree, the reds, greens, golds and silvers…But, the last several years, the holiday itself just... Continue Reading →


Relish ...Warm coffee on a crisp autumn day ...Baby hugs and toddler kisses ...Sweet slumber after a long day’s work ...Oozing sugar on hot cinnamon rolls ...Deep conversations that last long into the night ...The people that love you anyway ...Soft color hues on a wide country sunset ...Laughter that comes easy and smiles that... Continue Reading →

…And God Laughed…

Today, I woke up in fear and trepidation over certain events that will play out before the night's end. Over foaming toothpaste and steaming coffee (yes, weird combo. And a bit...counterproductive I think..) I breathed desperate prayers that lasted through the morning commute. But somewhere in there, through the garbled prayers rising silently under my... Continue Reading →

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