2018—Down for the History Books

I switched to my 2019 planner today. Yeah, I'm old school like that. I still keep track of my life in one of those day planner notebooks. Every once in a while, I will try to use my Google Calendar, or at least Outlook. But, it always ends up being more energy than it's worth.... Continue Reading →

There Was A War

There was a war That went on here today In this room In this book On these scrawled And ink-stained pages I am not sure Who it was that won But casualties Are blasted In scribbles and Scratches and arrows And notes in margins It is a beautiful mess Pen and ink Against the virgin... Continue Reading →

Hurt in a Box

So you take out your hurt And you massage it gently To make sure it’s all still there Then you pack it away And store it in a box For safekeeping until the next time The dark night of the soul Comes calling for your tears

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