What’s Next?

I’ve written a bit this past week about being in a transition phase in my life. This season is over, and it’s time to move on.

Way leads on to way…Frost says.

In particular this week, I’m leaving the apartment I’ve lived in, and loved, for the past three years. This is difficult, but I know it’s necessary. I’m trying to trust God, to put my faith in Him for this next season.

But the truth is, I have no idea what’s next.

My life is a fairly blank slate, everything I’ve built has changed, morphed. And this is not a bad thing. This is growth. And growth is necessary. But, right now, my old lifestyle doesn’t work anymore. And so I’ve shed the aspects of it that no longer fit, and here I am scratching my head, looking around for the next thing.

What’s next?

For the past year, I’ve had an amazing job as a ghostwriter for a publishing company. I wrote novels on salary, and I loved it. Man, I loved the living crap out that job. Until I didn’t. By the end, it became increasingly clear that I had grown out of it.

I am not there anymore, and I’m in a waiting place, asking the Lord what’s next. It’s my daily prayer, and I try not to get frustrated when I hear no answer, I see no opening. The only directives I get are to do what’s in my hands to do. So I do.

And I guess it’s the way God grows us in trust. Standing in the fog trusting him. I can’t see anything in this fog, except the very steps ahead of me.

So I take the steps, and hope, believe, pray that God is leading me…to what’s next.


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