I have spent my life chasing. I have been chasing my dreams since I was young. I can feel it like a little flutter inside my stomach. It's this sort of feeling of my being alive for a almost tangible knowledge of destiny. Any path doesn't fall within this chase, I will reject it.... Continue Reading →

The Nomad’s Guide to Moving

In my elementary school word history class, we studied nomads. We learned that they lived in a place for a short time, and then packed up and moved when they got tired of it. I thought this was wonderful. A lifestyle of impermanence, not tied to anyone or anything. Free to blow in the wind...I had no... Continue Reading →

The Cliche Girl

Today I've been thinking about cliche girls. I missed that class in junior high, I guess. Because I'm just not cliche. I don't really like chocolate. I'll enjoy a candy bar once in a while, but I've never understood the propensity to go gaga over chocolate. I hate Chipotle. I prefer real Mexican food instead.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Music

Son can you play me a memory. I'm not really sure how it goes... Some people measure their lives in photographs. I measure mine in music. I'm a sentimentalist, but not much of photographer. I don't have photos on my desk or walls. I have to remind myself to take photos at opportune moments, telling... Continue Reading →

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