The First Week

So, I survived the first week of this new job. Now, I'm on to the second. It feels like an eternity since I started.  I almost feel like I don't remember what life was like before this. That's a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. I have been writing like a... Continue Reading →

New Job, New Life

This week I am starting a new job. I am ghost writing novels for a publishing company.  I am pretty excited, but this is a different pace than I have been traveling lately. For the last year and some odd change, I have been working at an office supply store, while freelancing on the side.... Continue Reading →


I can't get you out of my head. Those last few days, the things I said and the things I meant. Angry words that passed through my lips--when I meant every word and tone and note. After all, I had rehearsed them so many times in the dark. And I'd delivered them more times than... Continue Reading →


they felt powerless to STOP the rabid cat ripping e     v     e     r     y     t     h     i     n     g that they had worked for.... to ----------------------P -----------------I ------------------------------E ---------------C ----------------------------E ----------------S.   ...So they just watched

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