Poem: Sinking Ship

Sinking Ship   Tragedy oft befalls the man That seeks to save another’s sinking ship Your hero’s badge will not float If you both go down like DiCaprio So beware you of Savior Complex, you lovelorn and you Martyr Saints For bleeding hearts beat twice as fast but half as long Beware you Duty-Bound and Samaritans... Continue Reading →

BBC’s Sherlock Series

As previously discussed, I do have a curious love/hate relationship with TV. I cannot just sit down and watch TV. I have to have a reason, an impetus. About a week ago, I was writing in a library. Not having much luck, I stumbled across the DVD shelf. I needed something to keep me from... Continue Reading →

Poem: Dead Electric

Dead Electric Tangled wires laid limp Dead power in their veins Did they know what it was they held? ….An explosive natural force Designed, harnessed and poised for purpose To empower the dreams and plans of men To destroy good or evil in its wake To incinerate the night and the secret whispers that it... Continue Reading →

Poem: Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs Under the stairs I saw you there Furtive glances, dirty deeds Under the stairs you hid it there Your secrets, your torrid little games But I saw you there, in rolling camera view Masked through cracks and railings In isolated words and private laughter I saw everything (or at least enough) Then... Continue Reading →

Why do I Write?

Someone asked me this the other day. I had never been asked this, and thought it was a peculiar question. Why do I write? I spend most of my time these days thinking about what I write. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to be educated in how I write. I’ve spent most of... Continue Reading →

What to Expect at a Non Denominational Church

I’ve heard this from people over the years. “If I go to your church, will they be like…handling snakes or something?” or, “I went to a non-denominational church with my friend one time, and if FREAKED ME OUT.” So, today, for anyone hesitant about what it would be like to visit at non-denominational church, let... Continue Reading →

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