A Little Closer to Grace

Bowie was the last to die. Drawn and quartered by the pack. Snickers was decapitated, Mickey got run over. And God only knows what happened to the rest. But, someone had to pay for the crime. So the orange, shaggy dog took a bullet to the head. He took it as well as any I guess. Squealed, and then hobbled home like the wee little pig. He never knew what was coming, until the pain ripped through him. I just hope it was short, I wasn’t there, I just heard the bullet pop. I still felt squeamish about the whole deal. … Continue reading A Little Closer to Grace

The Barnes and Noble Cafe

Today I am writing out of the Barnes and Noble Cafe. It is but a shell of what it once was. Barnes and Noble, as the last major bookseller left, seems like in terms of fostering an environment of reading, writing, or studying, they just don’t care anymore. When I was younger, the Barnes and Noble Cafe was the hub of techy cool. It was where you took your laptop, a brick that had to be plugged after about 15 minutes of use. You came to use the internet, read books, study, write a term paper, drink some coffee, and … Continue reading The Barnes and Noble Cafe