No Man’s Land 

I live in No Man's Land. It is a quaint middle of the earth region where pizza refuses to deliver and wi-if fears to tread. But the sunsets are beautiful here...:

Do Something: On Christians and the Arts

Not too long ago, I got into a conversation with a friend regarding the quality of Christian art. I sat in the low lamplight of a living room, and listened to this guy rant on and on with tired complaints about the subpar quality of Christian music, the bad acting in ‘inspirational’ movies, and the... Continue Reading →


The last few weeks it's all been a game of waiting. Waiting. Waiting for that illusive moment, a beautiful moment when everything changes and everything you've worked for, was worth it. Each morning, I rise anew, telling myself that this will be the day. This is it. The day I have been waiting for. Every... Continue Reading →

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