Notes From the Unemployed

I went for a job interview today. It was a second round interview. The first I had hit out of the park a couple of days ago with the CEO. He said he wanted to hire me, but he wanted this other guy to meet me first. So, I went to the second interview with... Continue Reading →

Short Poem: Abandoned House

The old abandoned houseSweat beads perspiring on my forehead and running down my back.Walls of dark paneled wood and floors of broken linoleum and bare concrete Cobwebs with corpses of insects long since devoured sprawling across dingy windowsills.Indigenous dust and the remains of a recent rain thick in the air.The hum of cars in the background... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Ode of Captain Hook

The Ode of Captain HookThe ticking clock inside my headHurries on without consentDespite my efforts to will it hurry, waitWith cold impartial hands, it doles out human life.(Timeless)A mystical entity beyond ourselves Commanding eternal guards Of light and dark, sun and moon Never changing Never faltering Never missing A single strokeForever locked in timeIn time... Continue Reading →

You’ve Been Scam’d

It started out innocently enough. It was an ad on Craigslist:  “Creative Writer Needed.” Or at least that's what I think it said. I've answered so many job ads, I can't keep them straight. It was a short ad stating they needed a creative writer to write articles. I had seen that sort before, usually... Continue Reading →

Subduing the Earth and the Concrete Jungle

I like to think I am a citizen of the concrete jungle. A sophisticate-in-training, who can wear stilettos and navigate through complex social maneuvers more or less with ease.However, I have found myself this summer in a very odd situation. Through a series of long and detailed choices not really my own, I am now... Continue Reading →

On Faith and Hope Deferred

I don't understand faith. Yes, I know that if you have the faith a mustard seed, you can move a mountain. I understand that faith requires action, and that faith gives you the grace to make things happen...whatever that means. But, the problem I have with faith, comes from its very nature. In order for faith... Continue Reading →

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