Poem: Thin Volume

Thin Volume Thin volume on the bookstore shelf Camouflaged amidst the glossy covers and brightly colored spines A humble,  unassuming piece But nonetheless holds the whispered secrets Of bygone times and all their hard-earned lessons for a life well-lived In modest black and white Simple picas and fonts laid neatly against ordinary white You unfold people, and places... Continue Reading →

The Coldless Winter

There is something cathartic about winter. It's like the year, and all its complexity has been frozen, santitized, and swept clean. Winter wraps the year up in neat little packages and bows, as if to say, this is what you've done this year, and this is the sum of all your investments, far and wide.... Continue Reading →

Nothing Left

There's nothing left here, in this cold and empty room. It's been hard swept clean and smells of bitter antiseptic. Every germ you've left, every wayward hair, erased.  The boxes were the first to go, taped and sent to journey in a big white van. And with them went the stories, one by one. Now,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Reading

It’s been an interesting couple of days. So, I’m staying at my sister’s for the holidays. It’s been a fun time, she’s got three kids, all in lower elementary. This means I get gifted lots of construction paper art masterpieces, and am treated to labored, but proud, displays of reading prowess. This, I encourage with... Continue Reading →

A Life Lived on LCD

It's been a bad morning.  It started last night. Yesterday I got food poisoning. Fortunately, no nausea, it has just felt like the flu, with fever and chills. Then, my computer acted like it had gone to that great technology heaven in the sky... to forever cavort with all the discarded PDA's and flip phones. Under... Continue Reading →

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