Chasing Symmetry

Here I am again, in this place again. The same old desperate prayers I've prayed for years. Do you ever tire of my pleas? Sometimes I think life is like a merry-go-round. It's the same place, the same people, just at different angles. I'm forever chasing symmetry. I am looking for balance, yearning for something.... Continue Reading →

How to Live in A Multi-Generational Home

A number of years ago, I read an article saying that with the economic downturn, and the burst of the housing bubble, “American couples won't be able to see home ownership as a right, and the number of multi-generational homes will increase.” I read that and laughed. Multi-generational homes? In America? I remembered hearing about... Continue Reading →

Alex Clare and Rethinking Business

This morning, I was walking through the mall, and I heard the song, “Too Close (to Love You),”by Alex Clare. As I contemplated the song, I remembered the story. As it goes, Mr. Clare was a broke musician, basically living out of his car. He was recording music on his computer and posting it his... Continue Reading →

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