When Your Passion Becomes Your Bread and Butter

I am sitting in Starbucks today, trying to write something. Anything. For once, I have a break in the things that I "have to write," and have an entire day to write the things I "want" to write. And what is that? I feel like I don't remember anymore. I have spent the last hour... Continue Reading →

We’d Like to Think We Are Better Than That…

When I was a kid and I learned about the Nazi Holocaust in school, it amazed me how such horrible things could go on, right in front of people, and no one did anything. I would imagine myself in Nazi Germany, saving Holocaust victims, or red faced in front our own presidents with the horror... Continue Reading →

Poem: Closeout

Into the spinning vortex we travel Shutting doors and sealing portals Another here, another thereā€¦ Deeper and deeper we plunge Closing out what took us All those years to build Like divers into the sea we go, Another door discovered, Yet another window shut So many, so many Levels and levels we go down Now... Continue Reading →

Five Minutes From Perfect

My life is about five minutes from perfect. Five minutes from being absolutely, divinely perfect. And I am petrified. I am scared that all it takes is one wrong move, and then everything will go toppling around me. It's ridiculous, I know. But, some of these roads I've been down before, and they tend to... Continue Reading →

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