Me, You and 100,000 Words

So, I’m staying with my sister again. A life in transition. I feel like I’ve been in transition for far too long. Maybe it’s just too many times. Too many phases. Yesterday someone likened my existence to Jack Kerouac. I just laughed. Hardly. I  moved in two days ago, and took this photo this of... Continue Reading →

Selling Snoopy

I am selling my car today. It is an older vehicle, nice and well-kept, but still old. I loved that car. It was white, with black trim and dark windows, earning it the nickname, Snoopy. And then it blew a head gasket, and…well, RIP Snoops. So, now I am selling it for whatever I can... Continue Reading →

This Lonely Road

I am leaving this today. I am leaving this place that has felt so much like home. But it was never mine. Such a lovely place, but it wasn't meant for me. I was welcomed well enough, but I have always been just passing through. So, I go on, still searching for home. Still searching... Continue Reading →

How to Live with a Writer

Writers are an enigmatic bunch. Or at least we would like to think so. Unlike some artistic temperaments, we aren't necessarily difficult people with whom to live. (Looking at you, rock stars). But, we do have our peculiar brand of quirks and habits. Some of them are individual, some are unique to our occupation, and some are... Continue Reading →

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