On Diversity and Culture

Diversity. It's such a celebrated word in our culture. I've been thinking about that lately. What does it mean to be diverse? What does it mean to have a culture of diversity? It seems the term is an oxymoron. The word "culture," implies that we have an agreed set of beliefs, values and ideals that... Continue Reading →

Pay Attention to Your Tears

I heard a well-known evangelist's wife say this one time. She said, "Pay close attention to your tears. Because they lead you to your calling." Of course, what she means--what breaks your heart, breaks it for a reason. That's what God created you to do. My calling...that's such a Christian idea. It just means your... Continue Reading →

Book Table

Next month I embark on a coveted rite of passage for a writer—the book table. Yes, I get to do my own. It will be at a Local Author Saturday at a used bookstore in town. There will be a few other writers doing tables, so it won’t be as awkward, and hopefully will draw... Continue Reading →

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