The Official Unofficial Pre-Announcement

So, here it is. The official unofficial pre-announcement. Next month, I will be releasing a book of poetry. Right now, I am making final tweaks to the layout, and it will go to the printer in early to mid-February. I am very excited about this new project. It's been about a year in the making.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Silence 

Today is a day off. A true day off. I have no plans, no projects breathing down my neck. Of course, when you work from home, there is never truly a day off. But I've found you have to listen to the calendar and clock for the most part, or you'll have a nervous breakdown... Continue Reading →

Poem: Morning

The morning comes up over suburbia In tiny rays of blue light With intermittent tail lights Shining red against the darkness Like brazen eyes of evil That shriek and shrivel At daybreak's final call. Beware you in picturesque houses And beautiful lawns Sin and lies by gorgeous lips May prosper for a season But they... Continue Reading →

But a Breath

Today I have been thinking about life and death. Life is a beautiful mess, full of curves and twists, and poignant moments and joy and pain and everything in between. I stand by all that. But, in the scheme of time, we are but a breath. No truer had I understood this than when I... Continue Reading →

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