Homosexuality, The Church, and The SCOTUS Ruling (Yeah, I’m Going There)

I don’t know what it’s like to be gay. I imagine it’s something like being a Christian in a secular culture. You know people hate you and everything you stand for. So, you have to almost be undercover and wait for the opportune time to reveal yourself. Then you gauge their reaction, and if it’s... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Captain

The waters are calm tonight Pristine. And the boat Blinding white against God’s deepest blue Slices paths through foaming waves With immaculate precision Calculated down to art And at the hull, the captain sets his jaw Eyes deadlocked, straight ahead He sees nothing, save the land yet unseen So the crew grumbles and their muscles... Continue Reading →

Poem: Silent Sigh

When the words are all dried up And you can’t see beneath your tears When your head spins like a top Around the doubts inside your mind When your dreams are just this close And then you feel them dashing in Smothered by the lies of desperate hope That you told yourself time and time... Continue Reading →

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