Poem: Silent Sigh

When the words are all dried up
And you can’t see beneath your tears
When your head spins like a top
Around the doubts inside your mind

When your dreams are just this close
And then you feel them dashing in
Smothered by the lies of desperate hope
That you told yourself time and time again

When you feel the light inside you fading
Like the lantern on a dimming switch
And you wonder if any of it will pan out at all
Or if everything you’ve worked for, dreamed for
Was meant to gently rot

When you blush from feeling foolish
That you’ve wasted all the years
With those dumb starry-eyed delusions
Of being born for something great

When you begin to wonder
If you would have fared better
Building life on average,
Rather than this meager one,
Sacrificed, set apart for something more

When you begin to wonder
If you were ever just as special
As you once you believed that you would be
That maybe you’re just normal
A vanilla slice of human
Just like all the rest

Know that I’ll be there.
And I’m the one that etched desire
On the canvas of your heart
And I’ve come here to carry you
Through your silent sigh


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