The Cliche Girl

Today I’ve been thinking about cliche girls. I missed that class in junior high, I guess. Because I’m just not cliche.

I don’t really like chocolate. I’ll enjoy a candy bar once in a while, but I’ve never understood the propensity to go gaga over chocolate.

I hate Chipotle. I prefer real Mexican food instead.

I try not to eat a lot of trash, but I’m not really into health food. I don’t care where it’s grown,  or how it’s fed or raised.  As a matter of fact, I don’t even really care about food.

To me, food is like taking a shower. You do it regularly because you have to, and it can be enjoyable, but it’s really not that big of a deal. I hate Diet Coke, or anything marketed as diet or low calorie. If you’re going to eat it, man up and eat it. If you’re not, then don’t.

I like Starbucks because it’s a good place to write, but honestly, I could take or leave their drinks. Sure, I like some coffee with my creamer, but I don’t know actually know what an espresso or cappuccino are.

I go to the gym because the physiological response to a workout boosts my creativity and helps with my writing. I’m not secretly there to meet guys or be in some sort of trendy yoga clique.

I haven’t really owned a television in over ten years. Sure, there have been a couple of months here or there that I have had one. But, I got rid of it for some reason or another, and I didn’t really notice. As such, I’ve never watched an episode of Dancing with The Stars, American Idol, the Bachelor, and I absolutely refuse to acknowledge The Kardashians.

I read Cosmo the way some people go to the zoo. “Really? Is this how Normal Humans behave? Interesting.” I watched Sex and the City for the same reason.

I’ve never posted a selfie, made the “duck-face,” on MySpace, or owned any high-end clothing/accessories. I wear make-up on occasion, but it’s not what makes my world spin.

I have a few pairs of high heels, but I prefer flip-flops and have never owned Ugg boots. My eyes glaze over if you talk about fashion, I’d prefer to talk about philosophy instead.

I’m just not a cliche girl.  Is there anything wrong with that?


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