Twilight in Eden

The sun set over paradise and the garden glowed purple in twilight. Eve sat beneath the iridescent glow of the waterfall, and let the noise echo the tears that ached like a reservoir bursting inside her chest. She knew what she had done. She knew it would cost her everything. And the last night of... Continue Reading →

Oops! I Bumped Into Your Life

Oops! I bumped into your life for a moment. Two strangers, traveling separate paths, just for an interlude, we collided. And in that brief moment, we were in each other's lives. I knew your voice, and your laugh. I learned which foods you ate, and which ones you didn't. I learned where you liked to... Continue Reading →

The Bucket List

I just found mine. It was tucked away on a CD-ROM with all my digital life from ten years and four computers ago. It had been a college assignment, from Dr. John Allen, a rather well-loved advertising/public relations professor at my Christian university. I liked Dr. Allen. He was a great storyteller, had a good... Continue Reading →

Poem: Theft

Theft With little pudgy fingers You stole my heart And locked it away Behind milky eyes of innocence It was a theft without provocation A crime without a cause And now I am nothing But melted chocolate In your pudgy little fingers

Thursday Morning 

On the heels of Wednesday night, Thursday morning comes rolling in, wafting shades of sunny spring under lingering winter chill, and he asks me what I want today. "I want the world," is my reply with eyes wide and bright and dreamy. To that he laughs, with bellows coming from deep inside and shakes the... Continue Reading →

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