The Fruits of Our Labor

I decorated my patio this week. Last year at my apartments, they had a contest for the best patio decorations. I really wanted to win. I had just won in the Thanksgiving pumpkin cheesecake contest. (A fact, I have milked for three holidays, calling it my “award winning Pumpkin cheesecake.” There have been murmurings as... Continue Reading →

The Moody Writer

Yes, I am the classic moody writer. Spending time with me over a long period, can sometimes feel like a bit emotional roller coaster. Some days the birds and singing, and butterflies are dancing about, and other mornings, "THEY ARE ALL DEAD! ROTTING IN A PILE OF BLOOD AND DESTRUCTION!" Those that know me... Continue Reading →

The Shallow

What I shall I write for you today? I ask myself, sitting pensively, pen poised in midair. With not a thought staying long enough to be captured, I pull down books. Big, dusty books of poetry, rich with thought, laden with the timeless words of what it means to live, weighed down by the confines... Continue Reading →

Why Not Me?

Today I was out shopping, and I ran across this video ad. Blaring across every TV screen in the electronics department, was an ad from best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. He was promoting his new book, I forget the name of it. While a visual of his new book cover danced across the screen, his voice... Continue Reading →

Spinning Compass

My life is a spinning compass. Out of control, seeking direction and looking for a place to land. I feel lost here, in this moment. Spiraling. looking for meaning, purpose and the voice of God somewhere. Anywhere. There a thousand pieces, images that flash in my mind, like still frames in a movie montage. And... Continue Reading →

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