The Day of the Bunny Pants

I have declared today, The Day of the Bunny Pants. I love my bunny pants. There is something about them...I sort feel like whatever life throws at me, at the end of the day, there's nothing that can't be cured with my bunny pants and Netflix. It's been a stressful month. A stressful last couple... Continue Reading →

Five Minutes From Perfect

My life is about five minutes from perfect. Five minutes from being absolutely, divinely perfect. And I am petrified. I am scared that all it takes is one wrong move, and then everything will go toppling around me. It's ridiculous, I know. But, some of these roads I've been down before, and they tend to... Continue Reading →

Twilight in Eden

The sun set over paradise and the garden glowed purple in twilight. Eve sat beneath the iridescent glow of the waterfall, and let the noise echo the tears that ached like a reservoir bursting inside her chest. She knew what she had done. She knew it would cost her everything. And the last night of... Continue Reading →

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