A Short Story by My Beautiful Niece

Today, my eight year old niece Selah Whitmore wrote a fun story, and I thought I’d share it with everyone. Enjoy, and leave the budding young writer some kudos if you like!


There was once a singer named Mio who had a roommate named Chanel. Mio and Chanel didn’t get along very well. One day, she was out taking a walk wearing a black hood with blue ripped jeans. She was going home to her mansion when a beautiful kitten came up to her and purred. It was a Persian cat, with glowing green eyes, and long, flowing, chocolate colored fur.

Mio said, “Aw you cute little kitty.”

She petted the kitten and didn’t see any collar or anything. “Who’s your owner?”

The cat just meowed and looked hungry. She decided she was going to take the cat in, until she could find its owner.

She knew her roommate hated cats, but this kitten so hungry, and weak, and was so beautiful she couldn’t resist. She scooped it up in her arms, and her heart melted when it give her a kitty kiss. Mio smiled, “I’ve gotta pick you up some food. You look hungry.”

The kitten just purred in her arms.

Mio said, “This looks like a Fancy Feast kitten.”

She brought it home immediately, and planned to go to the store to get it some food.

But, when she came home with the cat, she didn’t expect her roommate to be home.

“Oh crap,” Mio said. She hadn’t thought up a good excuse for keeping the cat yet.

 Chanel watching TV when Mio walked in. She gulped, and the kitten meowed at Chanel’s angry glare.

Mio showed her the cat, hoping the cute kitten eyes would melt her heart. Chanel said, “OHH COME ON! You know I hate cats!”

“But look it’s so cute!” Mio said, holding the cat up to roommate.

“I hate cats, period,” she said.

Mio said, “Ok I get that you do not like cats. how about we talk it out?”

Chanel rolled her eyes and stormed out of the room. Mio went to her room to watch tv. Mio said in her head my roommate’s so silly sometimes.  The cat she adopted came to her bed. Mio said you want some cuddle.  And the cat bit her finger tell it hit bone.  And her. Finger bleed like crazy. She said Chanel if you want to keep living here get me band-aid. She said OK.

                                                        CHAPTER 1

Mio couldn’t sleep that night so she watched the news and there was a report on channel 4 that people who couldn’t sleep and got bit by there pets turned into superheroes based on there’re pets for example this one lady turned into lizard girl. Mio saw this and gasped.  Later that night Mio was not feeling so good  had a stomachache a sharp one to be exact. Ow! said Mio.  Chanel heard her and came to her room. Chanel said.  What’s the emergency! Mio said. My stomach hurts! Chanel said. Why do you have to such a baby? Mio said. am not!. And Mio stormed off to her room and watched TV until she feel asleep.

                                                     CHAPTER 2

In the morning, When Chanel woke up Mio had seemed to have grown a tail and cat ears etc. Chanel said. UMMMM?!?!?


Then she said. nope this a dream! and slapped herself. and then she said. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY ROOMATES A FREAK!. and then mio said. SAY THAT AGAIN AND I WILL CLAW YOUR EYES OUT!!!!

Why do you have so petty? chanel said.  mio said. I don’t know but the real question is why do I have a cat tail! She yelled in a loud voice. Ahh! My ears hurt. Said Chanel. the next day  chanel was going to her BFF’s house and saw a stray dog and adopted it even though she knew Mio hated dogs and would probably get nosebleed.

                                                   CHAPTER 3

When Chanel showed mio the dog she found out she was right  she got a nosebleed a bad one.

Later in the day Chanel siting on  was on Mio’s   couch  that mio told not to sit on her dog and bit her. She yelled. Ow!. And mio  to  came make  just fun of her. She said. AWW you ok not that I care! Later Mio had just a new song called sad after she broke up with Boyfriend. Then she saw a person robing a bank and she puched him in the guts and he was knocked out   and Mio was gave a medal of   honor by the mayor. But what about Chanel will she become a superhero find out in the next book?       `


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