If You Trust Him

I came into a little bit of money a few weeks ago. It’s not a ton. I’ve certainly gone through this much money before. But never in my life have I ever had this much all at one time…It’s felt like a small fortune, and like all fortunes, it changed my life.

I got a new apartment. (A LONG overdue change….)

That’s it in the photo above. It’s a small one bedroom, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. All wood floors and natural light, with cabinets and appliances in sleek black set against white marble countertops.

I call it the “Friends” apartment, because the hallways are indoors like a hotel or a 90’s sitcom. (That’s rare in this area of the country. Our apartment complexes are typically sprawled out buildings serviced by outdoor staircases).

This new place also has a concierge service, although I haven’t used it yet, and valet trash. You just set your trash outside your door every night, and *poof* it just…disappears. I love it.

The location couldn’t be better either. The apartment complex basically shares a parking lot with a trendy little strip center that has all sorts of fun things…among them, the workspace where I rent an office…also, the little indie coffee shop /breakfast cafe where I’ve been hanging out the last couple of months, (eat your heart out Starbucks…) and…then throw in a swanky little nail salon…oh, and a CBD shop. (I’m still on the fence with the CBD movement, but now that I’m next door, I’m sure I’ll give it a try at some point).

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks settling in. I’d had most of the my stuff in storage for last six months, so I’ve enjoyed reuniting with all of my old stuff. Lamps…wall art…furniture…And the small fortune has held out, so I’ve been hitting up Amazon.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about restitution. It’s been a hard, hard year for me. For a lot of people, obviously. But, I can only speak for me. It’s really had nothing to do with any newsworthy events–it’s been my own problems have risen to a crescendo over the past year.

But this past few weeks, particularly the last few days, have felt like rest…rest and restitution. Today, I’m also waiting to hear back on a writing opportunity that could be really good.

Now, I wake up every day, and I think about how much I love my little apartment and my little life. I think about how much God has blessed me, and how much he has given back to me. Things that the enemy has stolen, so much of it has come back.

A month ago, six months ago, I would have never thought that my life would turn around like this. But it has.

I tell you this to say, there is hope. Whatever you are going through, there is an end to it. It won’t last forever. It may seem bleak. But, God is there…if you trust him.


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