There’s silence on the line.
Between you and me.

I’ve said everything there was to say
Through long and winded prayers,
Whispered desperate pleas
And choked out through midnight tears

Now it’s all been said
I’m certain that you’ve heard it.
More than once or twice from me

And now there’s silence on the line…

I know you can part the sea,
And make the water gush from rocks
I’ve heard about the time you put the coin
Inside the fish’s mouth

Or about the day
You sent raging fire from the sky
To consume the dripping altar
Just to show off, I suppose
Basically because you could.

Yeah, I read about the one time
You woke up in a sea storm,
Scolded it and said to stop
And when it did-you rolled your eyes
And then went back to bed.

Yeah, I liked that one.
That was pretty great.

And, now, here I am…
Reading this dusty book
Of the cool stuff you did
For all those other people
All those years ago

And I’m asking for just a touch,
Not much, from my small corner of the world.

And I know you’ve heard me
I can’t imagine what must have kept you
I’m sure you have your reasons
But I’m not asking you to calm the waters
Or make a dead guy rise

And I know you are you,
And well, I am not.

So I’ve said everything I had to say
Until the words have run dry
And I’m waiting for an answer

But there’s silence on the line.

And now there’s nothing left to do…
….but wait.


2 thoughts on “Silence

    1. Thanks, Tracy! Yes, I do believe the silence goes both ways, because we can get to a point, where we have prayed everything there is to pray. And then we feel in our hearts, that any more words are just redundant. And so you just believe that God heard you, and trust. This is where you get to that point where the Bible says, “Having done everything you know to do, stand.” And so we just sit and wait on God, knowing that He has heard us, and just…wait…In my experience, waiting on God is the most excruciating thing in the world. But, this life is about learning to trust him. Because, who else have we got to rely on completely, other than God?

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