2018—Down for the History Books

I switched to my 2019 planner today. Yeah, I’m old school like that. I still keep track of my life in one of those day planner notebooks. Every once in a while, I will try to use my Google Calendar, or at least Outlook. But, it always ends up being more energy than it’s worth.

I used to feel a little apologetic about my analog life organization system. Then, I worked at an office supply store, and noticed how many people still buy those things every year. So, now I just rock it. I don’t care.

So, today, I made “the switch,” and put the 2018 book away for the momento box. I like to keep old planners. It’s kind of fun to look back through them from time to time, and notice how much your life has changed and grown over the years. (“Oh yeah, this when I worked at that one place. Aww…I miss those people…” Or, “This was when I dated THAT guy. Ugh. What was I thinking?!”)

So, 2018 went down in the history books. What’s done is done. All the battles, and fights, and striving and laughter and tears and whatever else. It’s all capped off in a bottle and stored away in memory–which will compress it into airtight little fragments that will resemble the truth less and less each passing year.

Now 2019 is upon us. A fresh new year, untainted by flawed humanity. Anything is possible this year. I have to believe that. Sometimes, I really contemplate the idea that every day is a fresh day. If that were true, then, it should be as if a different person, or alien, invaded my body, and woke up this morning to my life.

What would this alien do with my life? In my world? If I believed such an alien could enhance my life, would do better with my life than I have, then the truth is, I am only held back back my own mind.

Then, if it is only my mind, my fears, my past that is keeping from reaching my potential, then I am the only thing in my way. Because, said alien would not have these things. The alien would be a fresh mind, a fresh soul.

I want to approach 2019 that way. A fresh mind, a fresh soul, not tied down to my past, my patterns, my experiences. I want 2019 to be the year that I was free to be the person I was created to be.

The past is gone, the future has not been written, but the present…the present is upon us.


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