Abstract or Dumb?

Several months ago, I was browsing a fairly high end home decorating store, and happened upon the art section. There is something that happens to me when I go in that section of that store. Other art sections don’t do this to me. But this store has almost an art gallery feel  to it. When I enter the art department, suddenly, I become reflective and pensive. It’s if I have entered the hallowed halls of art, and they require one to respectfully consider the pieces. And so I do.

I love the abstract. For one, I think life is abstract. It’s full of enigmatic meaning, that only those that pause to ponder it can decipher. Those that go on living their lives as if the surface is all there is, miss half of life. At least I think. But, then again, maybe they’re happier because they don’t spend too much time analyzing the pieces. But abstract art requires the sort of analytical depth that breeds metaphor, poetry and philosophy.

I often find the voice of God in metaphor. All life is a metaphor to me. I’ve found that if I listen, I can decipher it and find him there.  God hides in metaphor, I suppose, for those that would search it out. The Bible says the wind and trees and rocks speak the voice of God. I think that’s true. I think nature, and even the weather, speak of God’s voice.

But I also love abstract art because it appears to be so simple. So, I snapped a photo of one particular piece, and decided I would copy it. I’ve done this a couple of other times, and have a little wall displays where I hang them.

On this painting, I made a few stabs, and abandoned them. Today, I tried again.  I didn’t quite have the right colors. At appears the artist was using a couple of different shades of blue. I only had one so I had to make do. Perhaps if I would have worked more at showing the contrast between the shades, it would be better.

But, here I ask you: Abstract or dumb?




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