The Pilgrim

There was once a hole in the earth. It was not a canyon or a gorge, but simple nook patiently chipped away by a hardy pilgrim’s chisel. It was nothing grand, but just enough for the pilgrim to lay his head and keep a few small treasures there. Then one day, the pilgrim set upon on a journey, as pilgrims often do. 

And when he returned, he found that the earth had grown up around his hole. The rains had come, and the grass had grown, and there was nothing left but nameless earth. When he found the spot, he kneeled upon the grass and wept great tears. And then he journeyed on, for there was nothing left for him there. 

So, much time passed, as the pilgrim traveled from place to place looking for a home, just as cozy as his nook had once been.

The one day, he happened upon an unexpected twist. He stood at the brink of a massive cliff. At the bottom, was a land filled with vibrant green, and cool clear streams, and fruit more luscious than he had ever seen, even in his dreams. But, so great was the descent into the land of milk and honey, that he stood, perplexed.

So, there stood upon the edge, on a great precipice between modest obscurity and a grandiose life well-lived, and he wondered if he had what it took to make that great, massive, leap…


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