You Are Enough

Today you don’t have to think anything. Feel anything. Be anything. Today you just have to be you. And that is enough. Because you are enough. You don’t have to be skinnier. Prettier. Richer. Nicer. Cooler. More sophisticated. You don’t have to be what you think this or that person is, or the image they portray on Facebook. I didn’t create you to be them. I created you to be you. And YOU are enough.

Now, try to believe it. I know you can’t, because there is a voice deep inside your soul that says it’s not true. You aren’t enough. So you spend your life trying to become enough. But, that’s the lie of the broken, fallen world where you have grown accustomed. But I am above all that, because I am God.

You live in this microcosm, this matrix that you call reality and it looks and feels so massive to you. But don’t you see, it’s just a minuscule version of reality. I move and live within your reality because it’s what matters to you. And I love you, so I care about the things you care about. But, if you could see above your world, and above your reality, you would see just how little it all matters. And how, the things that make you feel so small and insignificant are so small and insignificant themselves.

But you–you are eternal. You are a princess. You are roaring lion that has the authority and the power to make the darkness tremble in your wake. You are an heir, you are a victor. You are a warrior.

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And here you wonder, if you are enough. If you knew who you really were, what you really were, the powers of darkness that hold you now, would run and hide cowering for the wrath and the power that is in you. Because I created you in my image. So you are enough.


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