New Blog

So, I’ve decided to start a second blog. I like this blog to be about different thoughts I have regarding life and faith and what have you. But my thoughts, tend to frequently be about writing…so naturally that’s what I write about. Way too much.  Since this blog isn’t necessarily for writers, I doubt anyone is really into those posts. And, the page views show that. I’ve decided I needed to be more focused.

In that vein, I’ve started a new blog, called The Vagrant Writer’s Cafe. The Vagrant Writer, as some of you may remember, is my moniker to describe how I feel about faith, and my place in the world. I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a wanderer, a free spirit, not chained to any particular ideology or creed…It’s become something of a mission for me.

So, the Cafe, if you will, is a place for like minded writers to gather. I talk about writing, what it means to be a writer of faith, and to make money doing it. If you have been following my blog, and you are a writer, I would recommend you pop on over there. I’m still working on the design, but I’ve already started posting.

I will still keep this blog going, talking about life and God and my random thoughts as I always have.



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