New Job

Wow. I am shocked at how long I’ve neglected this blog. I am still alive and hiding in various corners all over town typing away. Today there’s been sort of an odd comfort to my lifestyle. As if I will spend the rest of my life doing this in different ways. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time.

I got a new job this week. I’m working as a full-time writer for a news site. I started today, and it was challenging, and fun and I had this vague sense of coming back alive. From time to time, I have to take months, or sometimes even years away from my writing. I’m never very happy. But, then when I am able to start writing again, slowly I start to come alive and the colors are brighter and the grass is greener, and the laughter comes quicker. But, then, as I am usually underpaid, I am usually broke and hungry as well. It’s a double-edged sword.

This time it’s not like that. I’m not underpaid, and I am starting to very slightly get that sense. It’s like…war. Like, me, sitting in this remote corner it is the library at the local college, casually slouched in a chair with my feet propped upon a table, and my laptop resting in my lap, is battling forces of good and evil. I am sending out words that will effect change.

Two days before I started, I had this dream that I was wearing khaki carpenter pants, black t-shirt and combat boots. And I was militantly screaming. So, the next day I bought some sweet combat boots to wear when I write.

I think it’s like this with whatever you do. We were all made for war. To fight evil for good, and in doing so, bring hope to people. Whether that’s in orphanage in Guatemala, an inner city school, or encouraging a friend over a coffee.

And I think the closer we get to to our war zone, the more fulfilled we will be. Myles Munroe said, “Your personal fulfillment is only possible in so much as you complete your destiny.”

I’m getting closer and closer to mine, how about you? Have you found your destiny? Do you know what it means to fulfilled?










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