…And God Laughed…

Today, I woke up in fear and trepidation over certain events that will play out before the night’s end. Over foaming toothpaste and steaming coffee (yes, weird combo. And a bit…counterproductive I think..) I breathed desperate prayers that lasted through the morning commute. But somewhere in there, through the garbled prayers rising silently under my furrowed brow, I heard it. The gentle laughter of God. 

I realized, these problems, these fears, these impossible situations that paralyze us, do not threaten God nor his plans for us. My yoke is easy, my burden is light, Jesus said. Commit your ways to the Lord, and he will direct your paths, Proverbs said. 

I think living in an intercessory spiritual warfare community for several years, altered the way I see things. I don’t have to spend three hours on the floor rebuking Devils and binding spirits for God to move. That’s exhausting, and sometimes takes more emotional energy than the problem itself. Now, There is certainly a time for all that, but ultimately, the battle is the Lord’s. And, God is in control. So, I still have no answers to these vexing problems I face today. And even as I am writing this, I still have yet to face them. But, I am not afraid of them anymore. I choose to live in peace. I choose peace, because God laughed. 


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