New Design, New Life

So, if you have been a fan of my blog, you might notice that I’ve made a few…changes. I started this blog at the end of 2013, and I had no clue how to use a blog, or even what to write about. (Read my first few entries. They are…well…”a good start.”). All I knew, was that I need to blog regularly to establish an online presence as  a writer. So, I began, a little tentatively.

I had  a vague, but overly ambitious idea of what my blog would be about. I envisioned a  one-person e-zine, with smart commentaries on art, music  and politics. Since I follow none of these with enough passion to add anything useful to the blogosphere and cultural conversation at large, I wisely shied away from them.

I wrote more comfortably on the noise in my head. The intimate thoughts, the ordinary events, small and large that mean things,  and how I made sense of it all. I rather hoped that you, my reader, would somehow relate to those things, and find company, and perhaps encouragement in my words.

Right now, I am in a great transition in my life. Leaving behind what has held me for the better part of a decade, and shutting even the backdoor to that life. So, I have decided to make a grand shift. What this all will look like, I am unsure.

But, as my heart prepares for these changes, every aspect of my life is changing. And my blog, that tentative experiment, has now become a dear, cherished part of my life. Its design, stark, sleek and more avante garde than its writer, suddenly seemed so impersonal and cold.

This design is called Scratchpad. And that’s how I think of this blog. A scratchpad for me to scrawl down what life means to me, and share them with you. Personal. Intimate. And raw.

It’s a new design for my  new life. I hope you like it.


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