Pre-Order the Lament of Captain Hook


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The Lament of Captain Hook
Paperback 68 pages
Price: $ 7.50 (price includes $2 shipping fee)


The Lament of Captain Hook is a collection of poetry. It includes 38 reflective pieces designed to provoke the reader to ponder life, God and dreams.

The title takes its name from the often misunderstood villain of the popular Peter Pan tale. Hook represents the consummate adult, chasing life, meaning and happiness, while haunted by the clock, and the ever changing numbers on the calendar.

I wrote this book wrestling with time. Career, life, love, my mark upon the world, all played out against insistent ticking of the clock.

It is a year of being, moving, living, wrestling, and ticking all swirling around in my head, painstakingly bleeding itself into prose and verse.

Some of the pieces deal directly with the theme of time, some of them indirectly. And some of them are about this shared experience we have, being finitely and fallibly human, all equal under the cadence of the sun.

The book is priced at $5.50, plus $2.00 for shipping. The book releases Wednesday, March 9. Pre-Ordering will take place from now until then. Receive a free shipping code when you fan me on Facebook.

Thank you all for supporting my  work!





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