The Lament of Captain Hook

Okay, so the shroud of nebulous details has been lifted. The poetry book, The Lament of Captain Hook, will be released Wednesday, March 9.

The title takes its name from the misunderstood villain of Peter Pan. Hook represents the adult in us all, desperate to find life, meaning, and happiness, all while in a race against the infinite ticking of the clock. The final version includes 38 reflective, intimate pieces dealing with life, God, and dreams. Some of the pieces have been posted here, others are new.

I’ve always loved writing poetry. I started writing as a teen, as a way to express my adolescent angst. As I grew serious about a pursuing a career in writing, I gravitated toward more marketable genres, and left poetry languishing in the dust. Fiction wasn’t far behind.

In an ever churning sea of journalistic articles, I learned how to conduct interviews and mastered the art of inverted pyramid style. I made a little bit of money. But I was still a starving artist. And I was okay with this.

But my personal life wasn’t faring as well. During one particularly dark period of my life, I found I had somehow lost myself. I was living a life I had not chosen and I wasn’t in control of anything. This scared me. I had never before lived by circumstance. I had always lived by choice. Strategic choice. And suddenly, choices were being made for me. And I was drowning in a sea of helplessness while my life was being sucked from me.

I needed to remember who I was. So, I bought a journal and decided I would rebuild my strength by going back to my roots as a writer–poetry. In the dark of night, I would sit up late and write poetry. Remembering syllable and verse, and how to find the right word on the tip of my tongue, I started to find my center. Slowly, I found myself. And I started to take control of my life, one step at a time. As the pieces built up in my little black journal, I had an idea. And that’s where all great journeys start. Just a tiny spark of an idea. And in the darkness, any idea can give you the strength to carry on.

Now, I am happier that I have ever been. I’m living in art community of sorts, where I teach a little, and write the rest of the time. All the time. I write for money. I write for pleasure. And I write in that illusive hazy space, where somehow, the two meet. I live and die by the pen. And there is the ever present sound of laughter. Always laughter. Much of it mine.

That tiny spark of an idea, has come to full fruition as The Lament of Captain Hook, my first book. The price of the book directly from me is tentatively set at $5+ shipping if applicable. I will be posting details for ordering. Thanks for all who have supported me by reading my blog.


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