The Official Unofficial Pre-Announcement

So, here it is. The official unofficial pre-announcement. Next month, I will be releasing a book of poetry. Right now, I am making final tweaks to the layout, and it will go to the printer in early to mid-February. I am very excited about this new project. It’s been about a year in the making.
I haven’t talked about this one much, because it was just a side project that I thought I would play around with for a few years. But, the time and the money just all lined up to do it right now, so carpe diem as they say.
The book is called, The Ode of Captain Hook: Memoirs of a Life in Time. It features 40 pieces, some of them have been posted here, some of them are new. All of them, I am excited to share, and I hope you will enjoy.
Right now, I am only doing a printed copy, not an e-book. But, this may change. The book will be for sale on my online channels, that is, this blog and my website, It will also be on Amazon for a ridiculous mark-up, only a small fraction of which I will receive. So get it from me. Once the book is at the printer, I will start taking pre-orders. Woo-hoo!!

Thank you guys for reading my stuff. It has meant the world to me. I’m going to try not to cry now.


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