Poem: Thin Volume

Thin Volume

Thin volume on the bookstore shelf
Camouflaged amidst the glossy covers and brightly colored spines
A humble,  unassuming piece
But nonetheless holds the whispered secrets
Of bygone times and all their hard-earned lessons for a life well-lived

In modest black and white
Simple picas and fonts laid neatly against ordinary white
You unfold people, and places and the grandeur of the big ideas
That leave you drunk with the power of human thought

Thin volume on the bookstore shelf
Eclipsed by glamour girls on salacious covers
And talk show hosts with more to say
You hold more secrets than
All their shocking confessions and clandestine affairs


Because only you know how to wrestle the angel of Time
And come out the other side
Oh, thin volume on the bookstore shelf


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