Our rock group: L to R-Brooke, Sierra, Caitlyn and me on the far right with aviators.

My Career as a Rock Musician

Fulfilled: L to R-Brooke, Sierra, Caitlyn and me on the far right with aviators. 

For those that know me, you know it was destined to happen. I had to join a band one day. It was just one of those things. So, last Saturday was the day. And it was a glorious half-hour. Here’s what happened:

Our roommate Sierra was leaving on a trip, and reluctant to take on the tedium of packing, she called her boyfriend in Germany for sympathy. Because of course, this is what one does when one has a boyfriend in Germany. Or so I would suppose.

Yannick was sympathetic, and in true long-distance boyfriend style, did the only thing he could do–he sent her a song. It was a pretty good song, and come to find out, he actually is a musician. So, a three minute silly song pondering what a suitcase must feel about being packed was just the sort of thing he would do in his spare time. We listened to the song, and then it was decided, I’m not sure by whom, that he needed an answer in similar form.

And so, our girl band, of four roommates was formed. Brooke, our latent guitarist, brought out her guitar from deep in the closet, and I brought out my computer and rhyming dictionary. And for the next fifteen minutes, we pondered that suitcase. What it must feel and why. It was wonderful. We looked like real songwriters, trying lines out, and reworking them, and coming up with a good one, and then another one that no one liked…while Brooke tried to find the right melody on the guitar…And finally, we came up with the lyrics to our first single:

edited fullfilled


No one knows the pain I feel
Trapped underneath this dusty bed
Longing for the open road
I was meant for so much more

Neglected and not used
Will I be the one you choose?
To fill with shirts and belts and shoes?
…I was made for you

Use me, fill me, fill me up
For I was made for 50.

But don’t only fill me w your stuff
Because without your love I’m empty

The cover has lifted,
I saw the light
I think my day has come.
She packed me tight and zipped me up,
I knew I was the one!

Thrown into the back of her car
Dragged through the city streets
Up and down the road we go.
I’ve never been more at home

You used me, you filled me,
You filled me up

Now I’m full to 50.
You didn’t only fill me with your stuff,
You filled me w your love

So then we went into recording. (Which meant Sierra pushed the Record button on her iPhone). On the chorus, I chimed in with my Alanis-reminiscent, (and wildly off-key) vocals, and Brooke played four chords, and Sierra and I alternated spoken word verses (when she could refrain from laughing). And it was hilarious and awful and wonderful…and all just so gloriously terrible. All the while Caitlin, our resident visual artist, shook her head the whole time and drew up an album cover. (THAT was actually pretty great).

So, we finally sent the song to Yannick, who albeit confused, thought it was great…Then came the promo shots. We busted out with our leather jackets and sunglasses and posed with rocker non-smiles and Brooke with her guitar on her back. It was our finest hour. (Well, or something like that).

So, for anyone who wonders what girls do when they’re bored and there are no guys around…No we don’t have pillow fights in our underwear. THIS is what we do.

And, by the way, we ARE taking bookings.


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