Poem: The Rain Prayers

The Rain Prayers  

Underneath the searing sun
That pierced their skin
Like high beam lasers
Set to slice through metal beams

The bedraggled faithful gathered

And with the sound of a thousand
Rolling one over another like water
Bubbling over spring creek rocks

They prayed for rain.

They prayed with the desperate prayers
Of those with nothing
Nothing left to offer
And nothing left to lose

They prayed until their throats
Were sun dried and parched
And their faces were caked with saline tears
And their eyes were red and swollen
Not unlike a champion
Of a rousing wrestling match

As twilight descended
Their resonate song
Finally defied the sonic laws
That kept them earthbound
And soared to a distant place

They had never seen but only understood
Through ancient fables
Of golden streets and crystal seas
Set against eternal soundtracks
Of angelic choirs

And God Almighty listened deep
And with a majestic nod…

….sent rain.


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