Is The Pink Drink Making Your Health Stink? One Woman’s Plexus Nightmare

*This is a guest post from my cousin Lydia Allen. Here’s her personal narrative on the latest Plexus health craze.*

I wanted to share something that happened to me in 2014. Some of you won’t believe me, but some of you might.

I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. I felt like there was no escape from the way my life was going, and how bad I was eating. Not only was it affecting me, but also my entire family. I was not able to play sports without losing my breath after 20 minutes. I could not even look at myself in the mirror without being completely disgusted at what I saw.

I started Plexus at the beginning of July. I only took the drink till some time in October. I felt great when I started. Felt like a new me. I had energy, I could stay awake with hardly any sleep due to my fairly new born child. I lost 20 pounds just in those few months. But during those months, I noticed I would get these weird pains in my abdomen that would last a few minutes then go away.

As the months went on they became more frequent and lasted longer as well. I had at least 5 or more of these until the point where I went to the ER for the first time in October. I had such an enormous amount of pain for days before going to the hospital. I thought I could handle it, but honestly I just knew my husband and I couldn’t afford the medical bills because we didn’t have insurance. So I stayed in pain for days attempting to do my normal routine, but I couldn’t even hold my daughter to breastfeed her.

So we get to the ER and they immediately had to give me morphine just to get me to relax long enough for them to get my blood to start testing for possible issues. I had X-rays, ultrasounds, and a couple other machines test me. All they could say was that they were puzzled and had no idea why I was in pain. At first, they said it was my gallbladder, that it was only 8% functioning and that I needed to have it removed as soon as possible. This was their diagnosis after 4 days. I was prepped for surgery and everything and then my surgeon said he didn’t feel comfortable doing it. He didn’t think it was necessary and that he felt the doctors rushed this.

So no surgery. They finally released me. Thought I was fine and went home and back to my normal routine. I also quit taking Plexus after the first visit to the ER.

Then in November it happened again. That pain came back and it was worse than ever been before. So again to the ER we went and again they were baffled by my situation and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They did notice however that my liver enzymes were extremely high the first and second time. (Normal level is 25-50 count and mine was in the THOUSANDS!)

They could not however figure out why they were so high.  They called the specialist to come look at my charts and he tells me the ingredients in Plexus were causing my liver to fail.

I told him I stopped taking it.  He told me it would take 2-3 months for it to completely get out of my system. But if I kept taking it, it would get worse. Obviously I was scared out of my mind. Not only for my health, but my daughter’s as well. I had breastfed her the entire time.

I had no more pain after the last visit. But  now we are still having to pay for the medical bills I acquired during this whole ordeal. It put my family in a financial bind.

This is why I want to seek justice. I feel so vulnerable and so used by Plexus Worldwide. I’m so angry that they know these things are happening to people but they don’t care.

I’m not the only one that has had this issue and I won’t be the last. But I’m hoping this message is getting through to most of you.

Lose weight the right way. Stop being lazy or making excuses as to why you can’t lose the weight. Just do it. Please share with your family and friends and get the word out. I don’t want this happening to anyone else. If my word can protect someone from all this then I’ll share with anyone.


*Thanks for reading and for making this is a good forum for debate and awareness.This is a guest post, but if you want to know more about this blog, you may be interested in my latest post:  Homosexuality, The Church, and The SCOTUS Ruling (Yeah, I’m Going There). *



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  1. I am not a fan of Plexus, but what exactly ruined your liver, I wonder? Did you drink the amount of water they say you have to? What ingredient or combination of ingredients were damaging?

  2. I am not a fan of Plexus, but what exactly ruined your liver, I wonder? Did you drink the amount of water they say you have to? What ingredient or combination of ingredients caused the damage?

  3. Which ingredient? I don’t use plexus anymore but curious which ingredient in case it’s in another product. Hope you are better now. Sorry that happened to you.

  4. What ingredient did the doctors say caused these supposed issues? I can’t see this story as being credible if you can’t tell all the facts. If you are genuine in trying to warn people away from Plexus and your story is real, the ingredient that is causing your issues would have been mentioned…. but that’s just my opinion.

      1. I had the same response to plexus. the ingredient that causes the problem is garcenia cambogia, which is actually citrin K. It can toxify the liver. Also my iron was off the charts. I had bill rash, and was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.

  5. I think the Doctors that never found your issue before the last visit is the issue to be addressed. Not totally a believer in your plight just I have seen a friend lose over 70 pounds have more energy than she ever did before. Her skin , body and she doesn’t just think the product will be her only measure of eating right. She diets, drinks water and used to have PCOS, heavy menstral flow, and her skin looks beautiful. Ck out Daisy Boyer. Amazing woman. You had an underlying condition, my guess hepatitis, which destroys your liver slowly. See a hepatologist and sue the hospital.

    1. I verified this with her, and it is incorrect. She does not sell TruVision. She clarified it in later comments. Sorry for the delay,this is a guest post, so I had to notify her that people were asking questions.

  6. I too would be very interested in knowing what ingredient affected you so negatively. Otherwise, this just looks like another case of someone jumping from MLM to MLM and using blogs to trash their last MLM.

  7. This story does not ring true. I find it very hard to believe that Plexus products (helping thousands of people worldwide) had anything to do with what happened. It makes me wonder what she is selling.

    1. There are many cases where plexus had caused unknown body pain that lasted for months to a year. For some, I’m sure it doesn’t affect them or they need to consume a high enough quantity and for others, it could only take a few drinks to mess with your body. I looked into plexus because I wanted to try it and all I saw were nothing but negative reviews.

      1. I feel like I am reading my own story!!! I had almost an identical year long episode after a month of taking plexus products …two years later my liver enzymes are still elivated!

  8. This whole blog is ridiculous. As someone mentioned in an earlier comment, the fact that so many doctors couldn’t find the root of the problem for so long is what should be the real issue. I’ve been on Plexus since May of 2013. I’ve had 3 doctors (one family practice and 2 OBGYN’s) look at Plexus and tell me that it’s awesome (they actually read the ingredients). One of them even purchases from me now.

    Anyway, how’s the TruVision working out for you?

      1. Why can’t she answer which ingredient it was that her dr said caused her liver to fail?

  9. im with you and I personally know Daisy she is the reason I started Plexus and I have never had any problems

  10. If your gall bladder is only functioning at 8% it’s irresponsible for the doctor to NOT take it out. That organ is dying in your body and when totally dead will decay inside you and could possibly kill you! I have a friend who personally experienced this. I agree with the above statements that your claims against Plexus are weak at best. The ingredients in the products are plant based and healthy- not damaging to your body. If your goal is to slander the company in order to further yourself in another one I hope it backfires on you. You should be ashamed of yourself for creating a post that is not backed by facts or good science.

      1. Well you seem to be in contact with her and read this post and its threads! What ingredients exactly did the dr say that was in ‘ plexus’, that allegedly aided Her liver to fail?

        I am genuinely concerned and would love to know. Ifvyou can respond to her not selling TRU vision than surely with every ones best interest at heart you can post what this said dr. Had said and claimed?

      2. You have mentioned that. Can you answer the other questions asked? (What ingredients and what products?)

  11. If you’re going to make your Facebook profile public, don’t post blogs publicly. Especially when you sell products for another health and wellness company. This story is a scam to make Plexus look bad because you work for one of our competing companies. In all actuality, what you REALLY have done here is make Plexus look better because none of us would ever do what you have done here because we are a company of class and high quality. Good luck with your business!

    1. She does not sell TruVision, and this is MY blog, not hers. She posted her essay on her Facebook page, and I wanted to help her get better exposure, so I offered to put it on my blog. Again, i don’t know where the TruVision thing came in, but I did verify it with her and it’s not true.

  12. No, I don’t remember all the facts that were told to me during the hospital visit because I was drugged up most of the time due to the pain I was in. But I remember my specialist told me that I did have hepatitis from Plexus. I do not sell Truvision, that is my sister. I have several family members that sell different products so get your facts straight before you go pointing fingers. As I said at the beginning of the beginning of this blog. You can choose to believe me or not. I may not have all my wording correctly laid out and facts after facts for you, but let’s face it. You wouldn’t accept them even if I did. This was my first draft. Thank you for all the supporters and non believers.

    1. Hey! I am not a fan of Plexus… Particularly because the women who sell it go into attack mode as evidenced in these comments. But I want to be as informed as possible. Did you drink all the water you were supposed to? Can you please ask your specialist what it was in the Plexus that sent you into such a bad state?

    2. Hepatitis is a virus and you are HIGHLY UNLIKELY to get it from a food product, matter of fact it is impossible to do so since it needs to be transferred via bodily fluids that are warm, else it cannot survive. If the doctor truly told you that you have Hepatitis, he should have given you which form you have, A, B, or C, and explained in more detail to you how it is transmitted and that it can lay dormant in the body for months on end without and physiological signs. I am not a Plexus fan or person, matter of fact I have NEVER been a fan of a magical drink or supplement that will “help you lose weight,” I am sure there are ingredients in them that albeit plant based are not necessarily good and healthy for ALL people, as there can be allergic reactions or your body chemistry may not process the ingredient as well as other’s do. Also, I believe that if you were to do a study on most of these get skinny quick supplements you would find they are high in vitamin D, the B vitamins and different forms of caffeine. The first two you can find and take yourself and the last one, well it is every where from pill form to liquid form. The thing here is, if you are even considering one of these “skinny supplements” first check with your doctor, then do your research on the ingredients and lastly know that you are willingly and voluntarily taking the product even if you have done the research YOU still made the decision ultimately to take the stuff, therefore YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR actions and th consequences thereof. Do not go blaming a supplement for a giving you a virus that has to have bodily fluid transmission, however, the ingredients in it may have caused your liver to process more and therefore exacerbated the virus and caused you to go from asymptomatic to symptomatic, for which you should be grateful, because now doctors and medicine can help with the virus and prolong your life. So maybe in a way Plexus SAVED your life, not almost took it!!!! On a side note, I would have the husband/lifelove tested for the Hep strains as well as your child, if you have it, odds are they both have it as well by now. Just sayin’ is all.

      1. Unfortunately it was…
        “time due to the pain I was in. But I remember my specialist told me that I did have hepatitis from Plexus.

    1. Hepatitis is a blood born pathogen that is transmitted sexually or via intravenous drug use and or via blood transfusion. There is no way medically you could have gotten hepatitis from plexas the drink or products. PS…. I am a nurse and work closely with hepatitis/hiv patients and the transmission of such diseases!

      1. Thank you!!! I was just about to comment the same thing!! I am a Respiratory Therapist and found this entire best as being BOGAS! Hepatitis is BLOOD BORN!!!

      2. Hepatitis is often thought of as only being caused by a virus. Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. I have had autoimmune hepatitis for 25 years. I was diagnosed at age 10. I have a non-viral form of hepatitis where my immune system attacks my liver. I am not saying that the claims above are true about this lady getting hepatitis from Plexus. However, I just wanted to correct the idea that hepatitis is only a virus. No one else can acquire my hepatitis from me. It is non-viral hepatitis.

  13. I drank all my water and then some. Dr. Tajong was my specialist. There is a lot not in this blog because I as stated before was drugged up and don’t remember everything off the top of my head. Are you a doctor? Who can 100% say that it did or didn’t cause my health problems? That’s right. None of us. Yes, Plexus Ambassadors are very defensive and very rude. This is a BLOG! Not a documentary!

    1. What do you mean, it’s a blog, not a documentary? And no, I am not a doctor. Just looking for concrete facts to counteract the wave of Plexus propaganda. I wish you would do me the favor of getting more info ( because shouldn’t you know that stuff eventually anyway?) so I could fight with real power.

    2. Get over yourself! You don’t have a clue what your talking about. You were too “drugged” right? Your just looking for somewhere to place blame. Your poor health choices probably played a role?!

    3. Then why haven’t you went back to the doctor after drugs wore off to get facts before writing something so ugly…. get the facts about your health and by the way you are a horrible person by bashing something that is saving people’s lives without having hard facts.

      1. Well first of all, her stating what happened to her is not being horrible. Get over yourself. Dont be so tied up in a company that you refuse to see the damage that it has done to others. What may be good for one person, may not be for another. And the products also damaged my liver. I have to go to a specialist now because of 6 months of taking their products. If you want specific products: probio5, bio cleanse, the carb block, the slim pink drink, and the first 2 months I also took the Accelerator. I’m not saying all the products are bad, but maybe taking the combination of all of them was the problem. The main ingredients in some of those are just vitamins. But even vitamins are dangerous in larger doses. The combination of more than one product could be the culprit. All I am saying is keep your mind open to people actually telling the truth of their experiences. Not everyone is out to destroy the company, to just promote another company. I drank 8-10 glasses of water everyday. I felt better. Everyone thought I looked better. I was just shocked after I had my full blood check like I do every year. I went through the same thing….high liver enzymes….ultra sounds…. .liver damage…didn’t take any other medications either….now I have to worry about my liver at age 39….kinda crazy for a non drinker….and no family history.

    4. I purchased from an old hs classmate . I find it hard to believe she would get me started on something that would ruin my health . It has worked wonders for her . However , I’ve been using plexus products for nearly 2 yrs and my liver enzymes have been elevated for the past almost year . I haven’t told my doctors about the products I’m using and now I’m rethinking it . I am also now anemic and never was before …

  14. I personally have been taking the product she claims caused her “liver enzymes” to be elevated… the “drink” for 4 years. I have my liver enzymes checked on a yearly basis during my annual doctor visit. I have NEVER had a bad report. My liver enzymes have always come back normal. As a matter of fact, I take all of the Plexus Products and have for 4 years. Most doctors in the ER are not trained for underlying conditions, which it sounds like you have. They are there for emergencies and trauma. To treat you until you can get to your physician. Evidently, he couldn’t find what was wrong, so chose to place the blame on what was out of his realm of the “ordinary” or his “knowledge”… Plexus. Therefore, for your sake, I suggest you see a specialist and find out what’s really going on, if you aren’t making this up. After all, you have a baby to think about.

    1. You can’t expect everyone to react the same way to supplements. Just because your liver is fine doesn’t mean it didn’t cause problems for this woman.

      1. No, everyone doesn’t react the smell because some people have underlying issues that they don’t know about. This would be one of those issues. I would sincerely seek more and better professional medical opinions than what this doctor says. The Plexus product you were taking might have not helped the condition but it couldn’t be the cause of hepatitis and I think it would be important to find out exactly how you got it and what is really causing it. Good luck with your search I pray you find the origin of your real problem so it can be solved.

  15. I would suggest finding a new doctor. Blaming a product they are unfamiliar with is an easy escape to blame unknown pain on. Gall Bladder issues are serious and if it was at 8% function you need surgery or make serious changes to heal naturally. Being overweight is a huge toll on your body and losing it, is the best remedy. Thousands of people are using Plexus everyday and are fine… for several years now. I think if there was a liver issue, it would be known. They have natural ingredients that promote health… no chemicals or quick fix promises. You really really should consider that it may have not been Plexus, just because there is a more serious situation if that is true. Prayers you find out what is wrong and handle it before it gets more serious.

  16. What sort of Hepatitis did you contract?

    And why didn’t you mention it in the original essay?

    Regardless of how “drugged up” you were, hospitals make reports. You could have easily accessed your information before posting your article.

    No one here was attacking you until you changed your claim. They were simply asking questions that you seem all too happy to sidestep and get offended about.

    People who go straight into defensive mode over such serious accusations are generally lying.
    You add more fluff and problems instead of answering simple questions.

    I’m sorry that you have had medical issues. I’m sorry you are having financial trouble. Blaming a company without providing facts is childish. Give us facts and TRUTH, and perhaps people will believe you.

  17. There is too much speculation for this to be absolutely certain that anything is related to plexus. I went to the ER once for a panic attack and the doctor googled plexus, found the first article that was not even a good source, and was like SEE… These people think it’s bad so I think it’s the plexus. Lol hilarious. Doctors know you want a source of the problem so they just claim anything they can think of and send you on your way. There are hundreds of thousands of people on plexus. If it was an issue to the liver don’t you think more than one person would be complaining??? THIS ARTICLE IS COMPLETE CRAP AND HAS NO FACTS!!!!!

  18. Maybe your issues were there before plexus??? It’s so easy to blame something when the real problem is most likely the foods you eat and how you take care of your body. Also, gallbladder failures happen all the time…it’s not that crazy to think that was outside of plexus. Maybe you were eating crappy or drinking too much alcohol or maybe you just always had a bad liver?? You can’t say this is the absolute truth because even your doctor can’t say that. Plexus is helping so many people and now your creating bad press for something that is saving people’s lives. THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU WRITE SOMETHING THAT MAY NOT BE THE TRUTH,!!! Your hurting others potential of finding help with plexus!

  19. Lydia, I am a Plexus Ambassador and have had great results as well as my family. I’m sorry for your pain and suffering and I’m praying you regain complete health.

  20. IF this is true, and NOT a claim, why has there NOT been a photo of the actual report showing the LIVER ENZYME levels? Like someone stated before, you aren’t being attacked, just make sure you have all your facts together before making a false claim against a Company or Product. Prayers you get well soon and find out the real cause of your health issues.

  21. He called it a Drug Induced Hepatitis. No, i don’t have the charts saying what the levels were or anything. Who thinks to get something like that? I can’t remember what the ingredient was inside Plexus that caused it. No my eating habits aren’t great but I’m sure yours and everyone else’s isn’t either. I don’t smoke or drink by the way. I’m not going to keep replying to these cause most of you annoy me and I have better things to do. Like spend time with my family. Probably something you should all do. Thank you for the read. I hope it warns others to stay away and lose the weight on your own. The right way. As soon as you quick taking it, you gain it all back.

  22. Lydia, I’m so sorry that you experienced your medical issues and that you feel used by Plexus Worldwide. I’m confident that no Plexus ambassador would intentionally harm you, or anyone else, for their own personal gain. Just as I’m sure your intention of this blog post was not to debunk Plexus and promote your sister’s company.

    To what your doctor said, I’m sure they were referring to Chromium-Induced Toxic Hepatitis. After looking into the Plexus products Plexus Slim contains Chromium, for those that were asking. However, the amount of Chromium in their products are considered safe levels for those that do not have a pre-existing liver or kidney issue.

    I agree, I hope that your post brings awareness that too much of a good thing can be harmful. In addition, I hope your story helps Plexus’ ambassadors to ask if anyone has any pre-existing medical conditions.

    FYI: You would receive approximately the same amount of Chromium if you had a large bowl of broccoli, 2 glasses of grape juice, and 2 small glasses of red wine.

  23. Re: The Lack of Specific Details.

    Since most people on this blog seem to be crying fraud, and keep pointing back to this TruVision angle, let me set the scenario for you. This post is averaging about 7,000 views per day, and about the same in unique visitors. Neither Lydia nor I (the owner of this blog) expected that.

    When Lydia wrote this, she wrote it as a personal essay on her Facebook page, aimed mainly at her Facebook circle, ie …people that knew her, or people that knew people that knew her. Most of those people were aware of Lydia’s health struggle, and were open to the explanation. I am sure she had in mind a few shares, and at best, perhaps a few others to come forward. But, that was about it.

    I was the one who offered to put it out on my blog. Again, if she had expected that, perhaps she would have been more careful or more prepared for the onslaught of questions and opposition that would arise…not only here, but on feeds all over Facebook as well.

    The simple truth is, she does not know what the ingredients were. She is just sharing her story. As I am sure many of you would if you had experienced something similar. The raw outrage of consumer power sometimes lacks details, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid.

    As such, I would urge you all not to take this is as a definitive accusation against Plexus. But, as something to read and take into consideration. as you ponder this supplement.

    Many people have great results with Plexus. But, as this story shows, some don’t. Take it with caution and careful consideration. And, if you, or someone you know, reacts similarly, let them know there are others.

    1. I would like to say that I tried Plexus last year, I did the drink and took the pills, one day while at work after I had took one of the pills, my heart started to race, and so I checked my blood pressure. It was 146/80, checked it 30 minutes later it climbed to 150/85, then once more about 15 minutes later it got to 156/96. I don’t have high blood pressure. I went to see my doctor and she said that this stuff is not good for you….quit taking it. Then I did a little research, and I found that there was other people who experienced the same thing as me, elevating blood pressure. Now my blood pressure is normal 110/70…

  24. i have read several testimonies of liver failu on plexus. it benefits the writer nothing to share her story, but maybe can help someone else avoid going through this!

    1. Thank you! That’s the other thing they don’t tell you when they push you to try it.

  25. Lydia, first of all I’d like to say how sorry I am for your pain and ill health, and for the medical bills incurred. I can understand how frustrating that would be.

    I guess I don’t have much to add to the conversation, except to apologize for the attacks from others in the comments. Most Plexus Ambassadors are very passionate about the products because we see every single day how they help so many people in so many ways. It’s only natural some would go on the defensive when they feel someone is publicly defiling the company’s good name. This doesn’t excuse the behavior, just explains it.

    I did look up Drug-Induced Hepatitis and it does exist, and could be caused by any drug taken over a long period of time, whether a supplement, an over-the-counter, or a prescription drug. There’s no reason to doubt what you suffered is real, though it could have been caused by any other medication you were on, if any, or it could have been the Slim. Every body is different, and your liver could very possibly be one that couldn’t handle the Chromium Polynicotinate. That doesn’t reflect badly on you, it’s something completely out of your control. That said, though, it doesn’t reflect badly on Plexus Worldwide, either, since there would be no way to predict who would have this reaction – especially as it can happen even with a normally functioning liver.

    I hope you heal quickly, and are able to have a frank talk with your doctor on how to avoid a repeat of the condition in future. May you and your family be blessed, and may your financial burden be lifted soon.

  26. I wasn’t on any other medications other than zertec and prenatal vitamins.

  27. Wow. You guys are so mean. She shared her story and all you can do is attack her for stating her opinion as well as a doctors thoughts! If you don’t agree–move on. If it negatively affects your clientele, provide them with all information for them to make their own decision. If you feel the need to attack every criticism of your product, then you have a problem. And Yes, I am a Plexus Ambassador. However, what makes me different is that I am not going to blindly follow ANYONE! I do my own research and whenever I talk to someone about Plexus, I give them all of the facts. I know someone personally who was hospitalized for extremely high blood sugar after she had been dedicated to Plexus for several months.. it normalized her blood sugar, so with the ‘ok’ from her doctor, she was able to decrease her meds– then she was hospitalized and almost died. Needless to say, Plexus is NO miracle solution. Things DO happen–obviously. If it works for you, great.. If it doesn’t work for someone else– sympathize with them, but for goodness sake, don’t crucify them. It’s ridiculous to see grown people acting this way.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad to see another Ambassador not bash me. It does help people but too much of a good thing can hurt, ya know?

  28. If you really want to warn people,to stop them from doing these weightloss programs and people to “quit being lazy” and lose weight the right way… If that’s true then why do you have family involved with other companies such as tru vision? They are another weightloss program. There’s just so many holes in this story for me,IDK. I’m not saying I don’t believe this happened and sorry it did, I just don’t think only plexus could do all that.

  29. My name is Anna King. Lydia is my sister, she has never sold anything before other than Plexus. I sell TruVision Health not Lydia. And the link that someone posted here is my business page that I do not even post in my personal page but maybe once a week. Thank you all for your concern though 🙂

  30. Wow! Talk about a wide spectrum of comments here. Reading this I did have to remind myself, this is one woman’s story and her interpretation of events. My take away from this article is to stress how often we try to save money by not seeing a doctor and then go to an ER, only to have so many unnecessary tests and then not even know what they showed. If you have pain over many months, go to a doctor. He can order tests and advise you much quicker and cheaper than an ER. And have normal annual checkups. Spending $100 is not that bad ad saves $100000. Plus you develop a relationship with a dr and can trust them if something comes up. This was a good article reminding us to check out products and ingredients. But more, be in charge of your health and only go to an ER if you are worried about dying!

  31. I tried Plexus, it did nothing for me good OR bad. The truth of the matter is there is no skinny drink or secret potion that will make you lose weight and keep it off. The only thing that will do that is a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. That being said, I did have a friend who ended up in the emergency room and the cause of her heart trouble was the plexus drink. She apparently had a reaction to some of the ingredients used in the pink drink. It is best if you simply just stay away from anything that promises to help you lose weight quickly if it is not simply a healthy diet and lifestyle change. Personally, I would not even consider joining plexus simply because of the rude and sarcastic comments that have been posted on this blog from “plexus” people. Go out and try to use that rude behavior when trying to sign up a new customer! I’m guessing it wouldn’t work very well…. Just sayin

    1. Yes, that’s definitely the message we want to get out. Nothing substitutes good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating. Sorry to hear about your friend. But, thanks for sharing. The more people come out with their stories, the better.

  32. I found this trying to see if anything bad about Plexus because my friend had same problem. I was wondering how the person fixed it? What did doc do for her? how did person turn out later on after time passed? My friend still sells Plexus too. They put her on cleanse for few months and cut out dairy, sugar, alcohol, and gluten fron her diet. She has pain off and on. good days and bad. she took the plexus and lost weight. now i am def wondering if same cause. I dont think she considered it might be that.

  33. This is not a bashing blog from me. I am a Plexus distributor(currently not active). I took Plexus for about 6 months and truly believed in the product. It made me feel better. I went for my yearly physical with bloodwork at my Family Doctors office a month ago. Needless to say my liver enzymes were high. He referred me to a specialist. I was told I was between a stage 3 and stage 4 liver disease. I don’t drink. I dont smoke. It was a shock to me. They did a fibroscan on my liver and the results were not good. I am 39 years old and now I’m in fear of my liver being damaged. I’m not going to say the Plexus products caused my issue but my yearly test that was done before showed no liver issues. I don’t use Tylenol so scratch that reason. I was tested for Hepatitis and that was negative. My question is…… many people are going to have severe issues before they dig deeper into these products and their “all natural” ingredients. It bothers me to see people calling this lady a liar and saying her story has holes in it….You don’t know. You aren’t there. You are not having test after test done. Stop attacking people and find the true problem.

  34. I am another ex plexus ambassador who is suffering even months after taking the products. My liver enzymes were very high as well, my hormones got out of whack, my adrenal glands completely burnt out. I found out my body cannot handle any form of caffeine, and even though the slim says it doesn’t have any, that’s not true. It does contain small amounts, this is what gives that energy people feel with it. So bottom line is, plexus DOES NOT help every single person out there and to make such claims would be like saying that every human is made the identical same way.

    Anyway, I do believe your story and I hope you heal completely and pay all those bills as well. I’m still paying mine too.

  35. I take and sell Plexus. The triplex plus the xfactor vitamin. Just got the chewable tablets for my kids.
    That being said, the reason I stumbled across this article is because I just got the call from my bloodwork from Friday that says my liver enzymes are high, and I JUST started taking Plexus again after a couple months off due to financial trouble.
    The first time I took it for three months, it saved my life!
    If anyone has more info on this, good or bad, please let me know
    I’m 28.. have had migraines so bad for years. Tried 19 migraine (seizure drugs in low doses) medications, none worked longer than a month.. then did medical Botox, that didn’t work either although the side effects of these meds weakened my kidneys, gave me cysts and stones in my kidneys.. then the last migraine drug they had me on trashed my thyroid in 6 months. Yes plexus helped me get off the drugs and stash away the business cards to 28 out of 31 specialists….. so please please someone help. I can’t give up my plexus and go through the hormone problems I went through before, but I cannot sacrifice a liver!!! Should I drink more water, take less??
    Yes I know I sound nuts potentially Risking my health but the prescriptions put me in detrimental danger, so I don’t see much difference if I can help avoid plexus doing this to me but still actually have a life and not go back to the miserable life I barely lived before I found plexus!!!!

  36. I know this post is years old, but I’m happy I found it. I took the 7 day slim trial and spent the last 2 days in and out of the ER (I’m very healthy, never sick, active with crossfit, eat a healthy ketogenic diet, drink half my body weight in oz per day, no smoking or drinking or prescription meds). I decided to take plexus to see if it could help me break through a plateau. I should’ve listened to my intuition that told me not to trust this concoction. Needless to say, doctors at two different hospitals couldn’t pinpoint the problem, but I won’t be taking plexus for a quick fix. I’d rather live a long healthy life the real way!

    1. ACtually the slim will make u feel lousy for the first week or so. It is balancing out your sugars and lipids and will cause you to have sugar drops, so being nauseous, dizzy, etc will go away.

  37. I could have written this myself! I just found this and the SAME thing happened and they assumed in the ER it was my gallbladder. I had a endoscopy to rule out ulcers and hyda scan which showed my gallbladder was functioning at 78. The pain stopped after a week or two off Plexus. My ALT and AST levels were high. After two months I tried it again and within three days it was back. I took pink drink, pro bio and the cleanse. I won’t ever take it again. I filed a complaint with the company and they had a statement taken by two managers and gave me three months of Plexus returned to me from when I stopped taking it after the ER trip. Definitely affected me in a bad way. I wasn’t on any other supplements at the time.

  38. Hello I’m sorry that happened to you .. I am a big fan of plexus . You have to watch who you get it from for 1 and for 2 you should always start out with the slim, prob 5 , bio cleanse and the vitamin which all of those work together !!!! I wouldn’t ever suggest just the pink drink because you need more then that to flush out your system …

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