Poem: Phoning it In

Phoning it In

Tonight I am phoning it in
A mind on hold
A day unlived
I’m not giving you everything
I’m not giving you anything

I don’t hear my own voice
Recite the pleasantries that I don’t mean
Nor do I notice
My own warm smiles,
Flashed so canned, cheap, and rehearsed
And I don’t see you, standing…
….Right in front of me

Tonight I am phoning it in
But if you could touch my heart
So tender beneath this plated glass

You’d find I’m not so thick and bulletproof
Instead you’d find a well so deep
You’d get lost inside…
….If I’d only let you

But tonight I am phoning it in
And I only wish you’d push
Because I miss you
On this island…
… of my own making


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