The Story of Sae Sae

In honor of my beautiful niece Selah Lynn Whitmore, (Sae Sae) on her first birthday.

The Story of Sae Sae

 One clear summer day, when the sun was high in the sky, and the bluebirds sang in the big oak tree outside the living room window, Mommy and Daddy learned they were going to have a baby. They were so excited and went to the doctor right away.

“Yep,” they said. “It’s true. You’re going to have a baby!”

The lady at the doctor’s office gave Mommy some tiny socks to celebrate.“But I only have pink,” she said. “So, I hope it’s a girl.”

Mommy was so excited she smiled the whole way home. She hung the tiny socks on the wall in the baby’s room. Mommy and Daddy had never had a baby before, so they were a little bit scared. But mostly, they were excited and they started to get ready for the baby to come.

“Soon,” they said. “But not yet. She still has to grow in Mommy’s tummy.”

It was a brisk Sunday afternoon, when the first hints of spring began warming the cool winter winds, that there was a big party for Sae Sae at Grandma’s house. Aunt Lacy made lots of snacks, and everybody came and brought presents for Sae Sae. Everyone said, “We’re so excited that Sae Sae is going to come! Soon, but not yet.”

The next morning, Mommy called Grandma and said, “I have to go see the doctor about this baby.” So, Mommy and Daddy and Grandma all went to the doctor.


Mommy and Daddy and Grandma looked at each other, “Right now?!” They asked. “It’s not time yet! It’s too soon.”

“Sorry,” the doctor said. “This baby has to come right now!”

They all began to worry–especially Mommy. “Oh no!” She thought. “Sae Sae still needs time to grow in my tummy. What if she gets sick cause she came out too soon?”

They took Mommy into the hospital and told her to lay in the bed while the doctors got ready. Some men were working next door, and it was very noisy. Mommy couldn’t sleep.

Mommy told Daddy, “Tell those men to be quiet! I can’t get any sleep!”

So Daddy did, but it didn’t help. They were still noisy.  Mommy and Daddy waited a long time, and finally, doctors came and got Sae Sae out of Mommy’s tummy. And Sae Sae said, “WAAAH! WAAAH!”

And Mommy and Daddy and Grandma were so excited that Sae Sae had come that they cried too. Especially Mommy who was so excited she cried almost as hard as Sae Sae. Daddy was so happy, he told everyone on the computer, “Sae Sae is here!”

Grandma called Aunt Lacy and Uncle Michael right away and they came to the hospital to see Sae Sae. Aunt Lacy loved Sae Sae so much, she told Uncle Chase, “I want to take this baby to come live at our house!”

Meanwhile, Aunt Layla was at home, working on her computer and saw what Daddy wrote. And she was so excited, she jumped up out of her chair so fast she almost knocked it over.  She ran straight outside to find Grandpa and didn’t even put on her shoes. And she said, “Did you hear the news?! Sae Sae is born!”

Grandpa was outside working, and he smiled and said, “I heard the news!”

The next day, Grandma and Grandpa and  Aunt Layla, and Uncle Michael and Aunt Lacy and Uncle Chase all went to the hospital to see Sae Sae and Mommy and Daddy.

And they all held Sae Sae and saw how great she was. And Mommy and Daddy told them all about the noisy workmen and how they couldn’t sleep. The next day, Mommy and Daddy took Sae Sae home from the hospital to see her new home, and her room and the special crib that Aunt Lacy gave her. And Sae Sae was just fine and never got sick from coming out too soon.





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