Life Advice From a Broke and Single Writer

Someone told me one time that opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one. I have generally found this to be true. This is why we even have blogs. So everyone can air out their opinions, however significant, valid, or even coherent they may be. I  am acutely aware of the narcissistic nature of blogs. This is precisely why I have one,

But, in the vein of the new year and new starts and life reflection and whatever else kind of oooey gooey sentiment people throw out in early January, I’ve decided to reflect on life advice. Here are some of the better opinions/advice I’ve received. And yes, you can me Buddha later. I’ll answer.

If you’re doing something you’re ashamed of, it’s wrong.

When I was about fourteen, I read this in some magazine interview somewhere. (Yeah, remember magazines! haha!) I have since built an entire life philosophy around it.

Not that I believe our conscience is the best barometer of morality in every case. Surely we are all prone to unjust guilt and flawed thinking. But, I use this philosophy to say that if you’re going to make a moral choice, stick to it. Don’t sneak around, hiding it, lying about it, flip-flopping around in guilt and confusion. Be confident enough in your own ethical base that you can stand up for your choices. If you can’t build a solid ethical argument for your own choices, then yes, it’s wrong.

Don’t be quick to spend money, and then when you do spend, you can.

I’ve never been the best money manager, but I have gotten a lot better in the last several years.  I have learned never to buy something the first time around. If I want to buy something I will go home and think about it. If I still want it after a day or two, then I will wait for it to go on sale or see if I have a coupon. I have eliminated most impulse purchases this way. And I make my money go a lot further.

Have a healthy sense of boundaries

It’s important to give in life, and to love and support one another. It’s important to have people in your life who love and support you as well. But, in this web of love, support and giving, it can be very easy to become so entangled you don’t know where others end and you begin. This is where you must have a healthy sense of self. You must know what you need in life, and know how to articulate it. Because if you don’t where your boundaries are, other people don’t either. And, then they will assign you boundaries and take the rest. If this happens, lovingly communicate your boundaries, and let other people figure out their own solutions. They will respect you for it…eventually.

Like most people, I could fill up volumes with the advice and quotes that have impacted me. But, again, advice is seasonal. It speaks to where you are at the moment. What are the best pieces of advice you’ve been given?



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