Poem: The Prayers I’ve Prayed

All the prayers I’ve prayed
All the tears I’ve cried
Can’t you hear me?
Did you even get them?
Or have they been somehow lost
In that vast expanse between us?

I’ve given everything I’ve got
Bled a thousand different ways
And I’ve sprinkled the earth over
With the warmth of saline tears
Did you know the human heart could break so many times?

Was that all part of your design?
An intricate pulsating mess
Of love and hate, desire, pride and fear
One part resilient stone, two parts tender flesh

And yet, it somehow keeps on beating
As if mending were an add-on service
An optional check-box for an extra fee

Do you hear the prayers I pray?
I mean not to disturb and certainly not annoy
Your command of kings and queens and nations
And battalions of angels and devils
In an epic chess game in the sky.

But I am stuck in time
Confined by space.
Not privy to your plans and thoughts
And my life, however small, is big enough for me

I don’t always understand your ways
At times, you seem so far and distant
A concept. Empty air.

I’ll admit I sometimes wonder
If I’ve only played the fool
I try not to let these thoughts win
But I do have them now and then

Maybe I fill your ears with too much chatter
Maybe less is more.
But I am fully and fatally human
Most days I can’t see much beyond myself.

Especially tonight
When I feel I am drowning
And I’m not even sure it’s worth another fight
I could really use your help right now.
Did you get the prayers I sent?


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