Poem: The Ode of Captain Hook

The Ode of Captain Hook

The ticking clock inside my head
Hurries on without consent
Despite my efforts to will it hurry, wait
With cold impartial hands, it doles out human life.

A mystical entity beyond ourselves
Commanding eternal guards
Of light and dark, sun and moon
Never changing
Never faltering
Never missing
A single stroke

Forever locked in time
In time I will remain
A mortal prisoner to its ancient beat
Toiling through each day
Each beat bringing me closer…to the end.

And when time has had its way with me
Made my light grow dim and dimmer still
And slowed my hurried pace to a grinding halt
What awaits me on the other side?
Angels? Devils? Stony grey sleep?

Too eternal not to fear
Too human to comprehend

I am haunted by time


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